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Three players to watch: defense

Which players could benefit most from a big night on defense.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans have made some pretty significant changes to the defense in recent months. Most importantly, they have added defensive guru Ray Horton and switched to the 3-4 defense. These are the players that would benefit most from a good night tonight.

Zach Brown ILB

Don't be surprised if you see Zach Brown in longer than the other starters tonight on defense. While he has had a good camp, there has been some healthy competition for the inside linebacker position opposite Wesley Woodyard. Both Woodyard and Brown are more dynamic, penetrators rather than run-stuffers. Moise Fokou, Colin McCarthy and Avery Williamson all fit that role better than Brown, so he will have to prove that he really belongs in that starting spot.

Akeem Ayers DE/OLB

You know who has disappeared in training camp, Akeem Ayers. I honestly can't remember hearing anything good or bad from him so far. I thought he would be a perfect fit as and edge player in this scheme, but so far Morgan has been so impressive that you haven't heard about many other edge players.

Ayers needs to have a good night tonight to remind everyone just how good he can be at bending the edge and getting to the quarterback. If he can get some solid pressure then he may start getting more eyes on him in camp.

Shaun Phillips DE/OLB

Phillips was brought onto the roster this season to add some pass rush, and from what I saw in camp he can do that. While Morgan will get the majority of the reps with the first teamers, Phillips should be able to abuse any second string offensive linemen.

What I really want to see from Phillips is a series where he plays with his hand down on one play, then where he plays off the line on the next. That sort of versatility will make him the perfect person to give Morgan a breather when the Titans rotate defenders this year.