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Between The Posts: Depth Chart Overreactions

Your nightly OT open thread.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

As was more than predictable, there was a flurry of over-reaction to the Titans initial depth chart which was released today. As Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt made quite clear, the only reason he released the depth chart was because he "had to", and admitted that many of the slots were based on seniority rather than simply talent evaluation. 

Many fans bemoaned Bishop Sankey coming in at No.3 at the running back position, despite not taking into account that the rookie missed all of OTA's due to his school schedule. Akeem Ayers also was slotted behind Kamerion Wimbley at OLB, which can be expected with the linebacker coming off bilateral knee surgery this past off-season.

This early in the process, the depth chart will be shifting and changing plenty before game 1 of the season rolls around. Now is the time for level-headed evaluation, not over-reaction.

What stood out to you on the depth chart so far?