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MCM Radio: Titans Preseason Week 1 Preview!

Live tonight at 9:00 CDT

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

That's right folks: we're only days away from the first preseason game of 2014, and we'll have everything you need to know on tonight's edition of MCM Radio! Starting tonight at 9:00 CDT we'll be taking callers as we discuss the latest moves to the TiItans' roster, who's surprising and who's disappointing in training camp and what to expect this Saturday as the Titans suit-up against the Packers on Saturday night.

You can get the call-in number, live chat and live stream of the show here. We want to hear from our loyal MCM Radio fans like never before, and we've taken some steps on the back-end to take care of any trolls who try to sneak through.

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