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Between The Posts: Into The Fray

Your nightly OT open thread.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans got their mission accomplished, or so to speak, in Flowery Branch, GA, in their joint practice with the Atlanta Falcons. have a nice review that's worth checking out.

I thought it would be a good time to open up for some commentary of expectations of Saturday's Pre-Season match-up against Green Bay. I'm excited to see a crisp offense with Justin Hunter and Kendall Wright out there, as well as see how far Locker has come under the new regime.

I'm not expecting a ton however; especially since there is no formal game plan. That said, we should have a clearer idea of where some of the Titans position battles are swaying by game's end. Those final decisions are still a way's off however; with game 3 being arguably the most important roster milestone.

Though it doesn't matter much, if at all, how do you see the Titans first pre-season game ending up?