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Maikon Bonani Cut from Titans roster

Travis Coons appears to have won the starting job.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

After getting zero reps in the Titans last preseason game, it looks like Travis Coons has won the starting kicking job for the Tennessee Titans.

I have been outspoken on the fact that I think leg strength is overrated as an attribute of an NFL kicker. If you have to play Devin Hester twice a year, then maybe you need to put more emphasis on it. However, for most of the teams in the NFL, the most important attribute a kicker should have is accuracy.

Coons has been very accurate as a kicker, and he deserved to win the starting job.

Maikon Bonani might be gone, but he might not be forgotten completely. With the additional two practice squad spots, there is a strong possibility that the Titans will sign Bonani to a practice squad. That would allow the Titans to monitor his progress as a kicker and if neither is really looking like the future, they could scrap that and bring in a veteran.