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Predicting the most exciting matchups for Monday's scrimmage.

Two big matchups for the Titans.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

I don't want to look too much into a friendly scrimmage with the Falcons (the same one that in the past that heralded a great season for Chris Johnson that never came). However, I do think there are some places where coaches can see just how good their players are.

These two matchups should be a fun thing to watch, and should tell the Titans something about their players.

Jurrell Casey vs Jake Matthews

Casey is adjusting well to his new role as a DE, but it has been drilled into everyone's head that he will play the position like a 3-tech DT. Changing positions has always caused issues with defensive linemen (look at what happened to Jason Jones when he was told to move outside) so the transition may be a little bumpy early on.

With that said, I think it would be great for Casey to just eat the rookie's lunch in the scrimmage. Casey has had some big games, but he has rarely dominated an individual. Matthews is a very competent tackle and was branded the most NFL ready by many scouts and those in the media, so it should be a nice competition for Casey.

Justin Hunter vs the Atlanta DBs

Regardless of who matches up with Hunter, there should be no one that can compete with the second year player from Tennessee. Hunter is a massive target that has a chance to make a leap early in this preseason and go into the regular season with a full head of steam.

Fans all know that Jake Locker and Nate Washington will be on the same page (they have been for years) and Kendall Wright has already proven himself. If Hunter can take that next step, this will be the first time in as long as I can remember that the Titans will have three great options in the passing game, not even including Delanie Walker. It would be interesting to see what Whisenhunt could do with those kinds of tools.