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Titans-Vikings Final Score: Tennessee Loses Ugly One 19-3

The preseason is over.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Ken Whisenhunt asked Mike Keith in the post game if there is ever a game at LP Field where it doesn't rain.  You can understand why after the only two games he has ever coached here with the Titans both included a deluge.  That didn't help in the roster evaluation department.

There isn't much to analyze here other than the fact that Tommie Campbell might have played himself of the roster.  He drew a couple of penalties, got in a sideline confrontation with Bernard Pollard and had to be calmed down by the head coach.  That is not the way you go about making a roster when you are on the bubble.  It is probably time to let him go, but I will include him on my final 53 man projection in the morning.

Travis Coon did not see the field tonight.  My guess is that means he has lost the kicker battle.  Maikon Bonani will be the one that survives the cut to 53, but how long will he be here after that?  Only time will tell.

One guy that is interesting is Antonio Andrews.  I don't see a spot for him on the active roster, but they are probably hoping they can sneak him onto the practice squad.  He has some potential.

So what did you learn tonight?