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Tennessee Titans News Links: Patience is a Virtue

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

Scott Cunningham

The new defensive coordinator of the Titans, Ray Horton, preaches patience for the fans, until about week four, when the Titan's defense should start getting it, and it should start clicking.

At least for one game, the Titans have a new QB on the roster. Dominique Davis will join the team for probably just the game against Minnesota.

The Titans cut a number of players yesterday, and need to trim it down even further to 53 before this weekend's deadline. There will be some interesting decisions particularly on the defensive line, and the wide receivers, tight ends, and running backs.

After polling some different NFL minds, Ken Whisenhunt, ranks 20th in terms of NFL head coaches. This stint with the Titans will have a lot to do with how he is perceived in the future. Is he just a good offensive coordinator or is he more?

Locker is feeling more comfortable with Whisenhunt's offense and that is showing.

Quote of the Day: "Carpe per diem- Seize the check!" -Robin Williams