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Between The Posts: Ranking The South

Your nightly OT open thread.

Scott Cunningham

The Titans finalized their cut downs to 75 players today, with no real surprises. The next cut-down to 53 will be a different affair, with several deeper position groups having to give up solid players. The defensive line and wide receiver groups will be particularly interesting to see.

So for my question of the day, I will ask this; how do you rank the AFC South now that you've seen a few "real" games to give us a baseline. The division is in a state of flux in many ways, with the Titans and Texans each overhauling their staffs and systems, and the Jags still trying to find a quarterback (which it looks like they have). The only constant (for the most part) has been the Colts.

Right now, I think the Colts and Titans will top the division, with the Jaguars behind them, and the Texans taking 4th place. I can't overlook their Quarterback situation, regardless of how good their defense could be. What say you?