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Tennessee Titans News Links: Just a Number

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

To Nate Washington, the leader and veteran of the Titans receiving core and offense, age is nothing to him. He can still ball, as evidenced by his play on Saturday.

The Titans are putting a lot of trust in Jake Locker this season, and for good reason. He has been very successful this preseason, and hopefully that carries over to the regular season. Can it be regular season yet? I'm so ready for Sept. 7th.

Thursday is the last preseason game, and we play the Matt Cassel led Vikings. There will be very minor bragging rights available for me as the Vikings are my brother's favorite team.

Paul Kuharsky's projected roster can be found here. I really hope Coffman makes the roster, and I also hope Klug makes it too. Also Michael Preston.

When looking at the Titan's defense, you see that there are only 3 first rounders. While that is not necessarily a indicator of defensive success, you can bet that come next April/May/whenever the draft is, the Titans will look to fortify the defense even further.(duh)

Quote of the Day: "People who think they know everything are of great annoyance of those of us who do." -Issac Asimov