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Between The Posts: Evaluating The Titans

Your nightly OT open thread.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

So with the "dress rehearsal" game in the books and Kansas City opener looming, the Titans have looked fairly good. While not without their areas to work on, the team is no doubt in a different place than they were under the previous regime, and everything that's been going on in Saint Thomas Sports Parks carries an increased air of legitimacy and purpose about it.

Jake Locker has been very impressive, posting some great numbers so far and leading the Titans first string offense effectively, and without turning the ball over. The skill positions have been as exciting as expected, and may be the best assembly of dynamic talent the team has ever put together in Nashville.

While less can be said about the defensive side of the ball thus far, they have a proven coach at the helm in Ray Horton, who has all my confidence in the world.

That all said, what has this preseason told you so far? Has your opinion of the 2014 Titans improved? Worsened?