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Tennessee Titans: Where's The Pass-Pro?

Head coach Ken Whisenhunt's offensive scheme may be ingenious, but the players need to pick up the pass protection.

Scott Cunningham

The Titans have given up 9 sacks through their third preseason games for an average of 3 per game.  That would put them on track for 48 for a regular season compared to last years 37.  48 would have ranked them 28th in the league last year.

There's still time and it is still the preseason so there's no need to panic just yet.  But it is a concern.

Jake Locker, for one, has an obvious history with injuries and could probably do without the extra hits.  He took a number of shots in this weekend's game against the Atlanta Falcons that didn't even register as sacks as the pocket collapsed while making the throw.

Both Ray Horton's new defensive scheme as well as Ken Whisenhunt's offensive one are taking time to install, and there's an increased level of complication with both of them.  The offense seems to be clicking and settling in to their rolls with one exception.  Pass protection.

Is it the quarterback not making the right adjustments at the line?  Is it as simple as a running back flat out whiffing on a blitzing corner?  Is it the difficulty of the new offensive scheme?  Or is the offensive line still gelling and continuing its rebuild?

Whatever it is, they are running out of time to fix it.