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The Titans should find a way to keep this bubble player

The Titans shouldn't let Jack Doyle 2.0 go.

Scott Cunningham

The Titans are on the verge of making cuts to trim down their roster towards that final 53. With all the number crunching from the front office, I think it is important to remember that good NFL teams find a way to add talented to their team even if it isn't the most ideal team on paper.

The biggest example of this for the Tennessee Titans, could be the conversation on whether or not to keep Chase Coffman. On one hand, the Titans already have three good tight ends in Delanie Walker, Taylor Thompson and Craig Stevens. It is hard to keep more than three tight ends on the roster, especially when you look at the numbers at RB and the possibility of keeping a fullback.

On the other hand, you could argue that in Ken Whisenhunt's offense, the tight ends are an extension of the wide receivers. They spend most of their time going out for passes, and if you are going to keep a fullback do you really need an inline tight end that often?

If the Titans are looking at Chase Coffman as a fourth tight end then it could be a struggle to keep him on the roster, however he is still probably a top-six pass catcher on this team (Washington, Hunter, Wright, Thompson, Walker, and then Coffman). If you look at it through that lens, he should certainly make the roster. Coffman has made some spectacular catches and looks like he is worthy of a roster spot as insurance if one of the other tight ends go down.

It will be interesting to see how the Titans coaching staff views this issue, and whether or not they want more rounded tight ends or more athletic tight ends.