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Titans vs Atlanta players to watch: Defense

Which players have the toughest matchups defensively?

Stacy Revere

The Titans are in a unique situation tonight against the Falcons. On one hand, the Falcons have Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, and Roddy White. On the other hand, they have on of the worst offensive lines in the NFL. Can the Titans capitalize on that weakness, or will they get burned by the trio of offensive weapons Atlanta has?

Here are the matchups that should be most revealing in the Titans third preseason game.

Jurrell Casey vs Atlanta interior

Casey has all the potential to be a superstar in this league, and one thing superstars have to do is devastate weaker competition. Casey needs to come out tonight and every play he isn't double teamed on, he should win. This can be his statement game to the front office and new coaching staff that shows that he needs to be locked down long term, (a given at this point for the fans) and that he can be the cornerstone of the defense.

Coty Sensabaugh vs Julio Jones/Roddy White

With arguably one of the two or three best wide receiver combinations in the league, the Falcons pass catchers are hard to stop. Coty Sensabaugh had a rough outing last week, but he has shown in the past that he can compete with very good wide receivers in this league. If he can prevent either one of these receivers from burning him deep tonight, and keep everything in front of him, then he could have a strong argument for a starting outside corner job.

Ray Horton vs the Falcons offense

Horton is a talented defensive mind, but he really hasn't tried to show it in the first preseason games. He has gone with base packages early and then as the game went on, adjusted well. However, in this game, he will have schemed against the Atlanta offense and he should come out swinging as opposed to sitting back like he has been.

Horton knows that the Falcons want to move the ball through the air, and he knows that they have a weak offensive line right now. It would surprise me if fans didn't see Horton dial up more blitzes this week from a nickel package. That is what I expect to see tonight from a Titans team that has been very vanilla so far in the preseason.