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Between The Posts: One Step Closer

Your nightly OT open thread.

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

On Saturday we'll get the closest thing to real football until the Kansas City opener two weeks from now, and that's pretty exciting. It's a chance for the team to show how far they've come from training camp, and for the Titans in particular, a team with a lot of transitioning to do, it's a bench mark for their progress.

With that said, and meaningless as it may be, who do you think walks out the victor tomorrow between the Titans and the Falcons? And better yet, who do you think we'll be talking about on Monday? I'm looking forward to see what Locker can do, but more so about how well this defense can account for the Atlanta playmakers, especially in an offense run by a first string QB, and a good one at that. What say you?

As per usual, I'll leave the thread open for any off topic discussions. Have a great weekend MCM.