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Cosell Says Zach Mettenberger Looks Like More of an NFL Quarterback than Johnny Manziel

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports
I said this on Twitter yesterday, but in case you missed it, you SHOULD be listening to the Midday 180 on the 104.5 The Zone every Wednesday at 1:20. They have Greg Cosell of NFL Films on at that time to break down film. It is fantastic every single week.

Yesterday, Cosell talked a little bit about what he has seen out of Zach Mattenberger so far this preseason:

How about Zach Mettenberger dropping back and throwing the football? Doesn't that look like an NFL quarterback? When you drop back and actually throw with anticipation...I am looking at the coach's tape, if I showed you when he started to pull the trigger on the touchdown pass to Justin Hunter you would have no idea who he was throwing the ball too. That's NFL quarterbacking. You gotta be able to do that.
You can listen to the full interview here.

Mettenberger still has plenty to work on before he is ready, but you have to be encouraged by what you have seen so far- especially when you consider that they got him in the 6th round.

Is he ready to start now over Jake Locker? Gunnels did a really nice job addressing that situation this morning.