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MCM Radio: State of The Titans Preseason Edition

Live tonight at 9:00 CDT!

Stacy Revere

The Tennessee Titans are now at the halfway point of the 2014 NFL preseason, and MCM Radio is going live tonight at 9:00 CDT to recap what we've learned and what we need to see out of the last two weeks.

One thing we definitely know: Justin Hunter owns the end zone jumpball. His catch against the Saints is going to be at the top of his highlight package for a long, long time.

Next up is a visit from the Dirty Birds, whom the Titans have already been featured scrimmaging earlier in camp on Hard Knocks. Sure, the fireworks went off at those practices, but hopefully both sides can manage to keep it  clean rather than risk a dumb injury.

Get the keys to the kingdom by clicking here before 9:00 CDT. If you can't make the live show, be sure to subscribe to the podcast feed through iTunes or Stitcher. That's the only way to get the exclusive and always-entertaining bonus time that isn't included in the live stream.

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