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Justin Hunter and Chance Warmack Among Top 50 Breakout Players for 2014

The Justin Hunter train just keeps gaining steam.

Stacy Revere

Mike Sando of has put out his list of the top 50 players in the NFL likely to have a breakout season (In$ider).  You can read his criteria, even if you aren't an In$ider, by clicking on that link.  Two Titans are on the list- Justin Hunter (#7) and Chance Warmack (#34).

Here is what Sando had to say about Hunter:

Quarterbacks tend to make the receivers, not the other way around, and that is worth keeping in mind here as it relates to Titans starter Jake Locker. Still, Hunter shouldn't have much trouble outpacing his 18-catch production from last season. Catching four passes for 111 yards and two touchdowns in his most recent preseason game drove home that point effectively.

Nice work by Sando there to get in a shot at Locker while talking up Hunter (#sarcasm).

And his commentary on Warmack:

I've grouped together some of the younger and more talented linemen, continuing with Warmack. He will be looking for consistency after an up-and-down rookie season. That isn't too much to ask as he transitions into his second season on a line with ample talent around him.

Warmack will be an All-Pro in the next 5 years. Book it!