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Kendall Wright Makes Pete Prisco's All-Underrated Team

This year Kendall Wright is on the all-underrated team. Next year he very well might make the all-pro team.

Jason O. Watson

Pete Prisco has put out his All-Prisco teams today, and the Titans have a representative on two of them.  The first is Kendall Wright on the all-underrated team.  Here is what Prisco had to say about him:

All he does is catch passes, 94 of them last season. He does need to get more big plays with a per-catch average of just 11.5.

The offense last year is the reason that number is only 11.5. It will go up this year.

Also, get your Kendall Wright jersey now before it is the cool thing to do. The sky is the limit for him, and he is really going to shine in this new offense. He will not be under the radar this time next year.

The other representative for the Titans was Michael Roos on the all-declining team. Prisco:

The Titans drafted a left tackle in the first round because Roos is getting up in the years. He's got one or two more years left.

Everyone is writing Roos off. I think he will end up having a good year.