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Between The Posts: Under The Microscope

Your nightly OT open thread.

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans looked sharper in their 2nd pre-season game against the Saints, especially on the offensive side of the ball. They do need to start more quickly on defense, and limit the turnovers, but the signs from the starters was positive.

Jake Locker showed he can operate Whisenhunt's offense, and Shonn Greene looked very good carrying the rock. Justin Hunter and Taylor Thompson are making the strides they were asked to make, and the offensive line seemed to more on point than in the past. Wide receiver behind Nate Washington, Kendall Wright, and Justin Hunter isn't really all that much clearer.

The defense was less impressive, especially in giving up the deep ball and stopping the run early on. That said, second year safety Daimion Stafford and rookie linebacker Avery Williamson stood out in their snaps on the field.

What impressed (or concerned) you most about the team after watching them play last Friday?