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The Titans are the Fastest Team in the NFL

We don't know how many games the Titans will win in 2014, but they would be the footrace champions!

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

Grantland has compiled a list of the fastest teams in the NFL based on 10 skill positions (read the details here), and the Titans came out as the fastest team in the NFL.  That is something, right?!?!?  Anyway, here is the commentary about the team from the article:

By this method, they rate out as the fastest team in football. It makes sense, too, given how athletic and young they are at the skill-position spots. The Titans are actually above-average at nine of the 10 positions in this lineup; only Bernard Pollard (4.73 age-adjusted 40-yard dash) is below-average at his respective spot, while the likes of Jake Locker (4.57) and Justin Hunter (4.46) are among the fastest players at their positions. Tennessee also has the fastest pair of cornerbacks in the league with Jason McCourty (4.40) and Coty Sensabaugh (4.37) booked to start.

What does this actually mean? Well nothing, of course, because as you can read in the article, the top teams were all pretty bad on offense last year. That will change for the Titans this year, IF Locker can stay healthy and Hunter continues to skill fools like he did on Friday night in New Orleans.