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Titans competitions getting clearer?

Who I think is winning the Titans two biggest competitions.

Steve Dykes

The Titans are halfway finished with the preseason, and I think the competitions got a little clearer after the loss against the New Orleans Saints. Here are my two front runners.

Kicker: Travis Coons

Coons is the better option for what Whisenhunt has shown he can do. It looks like the Titans will have the capacity to have several long drives to get into opposing territory. When you get into the "plus" side of the field, you have to capitalize and get points on a consistent basis, which is what Coons can do.

So far, he has proven to be a consistent kicker with a leg that can make a 45-yarder and a 50-yarder back-to-back. The only shortcoming he has is that he is only going to get the ball about halfway through the endzone, and that will allow some returns. However, this team should be looking for the best kicker, not necessarily the best kick-off man.

Cornerback: Blidi Wreh-Wilson

Coty Sensabaugh has been an outstanding slot corner, and I think he will continue to be a great interior corner. Blidi Wreh-Wilson looks faster than Sensabaugh on the deep pass, and his size is also a big advantage. After showing that he is more quick, than fast I think the coaches will be happy with Sensabaugh in the middle.

I think they will continue to have this competition throughout the season, but right now it looks like Sensabaugh is just a better fit on the inside.