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Despite new coordinator, Titans defense struggling

What I think is wrong with the Titans offense.

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans have struggled with a few things consistently since the departure of Jim Schwartz. Of those things, the two that stand out the most are pass rush, and third down defense. Well against the New Orleans Saints it was more of the same.

Instead of being worried, I think there is a logical explanation about why this Titans team appears to be struggling early in games. A lot of what fans have seen from the first two games, is base defense that isn't gameplanning for a specific team. What I think is happening is DC Ray Horton is using this base defense to teach his defense how to communicate.

After the first series, the Titans defenders go to the sideline and communicate with their coaches and tell them what they are seeing from the offense. Then Ray Horton adjusts his gameplan to fit those things. You will notice, that while the Titans are sloppy on the first series, they look much better on the second drive and on.

I think the Titans will gameplan for the Falcons for their game this weekend, and I expect a much more aggressive defense to cover up the Titans defensive backs and protect them from extended exposure to Julio Jones and Roddy White. If they can't stop that team, then they may have some actual problems worth examining.