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Which Titans player looks poised to have a breakout year

Not the guy you would expect, but one of the best players on tape so far in the preseason.

Stacy Revere

Look at the featured picture of this article, and there is the guy ready for a breakout year. No, not the guy with the ball, the big right guard who just blew his defender back to open up a hole for the running back: Chance Warmack.

I admit that I have been very down on Warmack after I thought he would be an instant impact player coming out of college. However, my high expectations have been met so far this preseason.

Chance Warmack looks like a completely different animal this year. For example, in his rookie year he tried to "body up" with defenders (essentially sumo wrestling) but was beaten by the quickness and strength of NFL defensive linemen. Now, he seems to have done a 180, and is using his hands at an exceptional level. Warmack is locking his arms out and driving, preventing defensive linemen from disengaging, and running them into the ground.

Not only does his technique look better, but it doesn't look like he is as confused as he was in year one. The best way to see this is, Warmack is now the one initiating contact, not the other way around. When he is going to the second level, he is combo-blocking well with the center or tackle, and then moving up to wall off the linebacker. All-around he just looks like a completely different player.

Honestly, when he is going full-tilt, he looks outstanding and exactly what the Titans thought they were getting with the first round pick last year. I didn't think I would say this, but the Titans offensive line looks much better without Mike Munchak (as the head coach) than it did with him. The same unit seems to be doing much better across the board, and I think that has to be giving the coaching staff a lot of confidence.