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Titans rookies impress against New Orleans

The Titans rookies continue to look good.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

While it is just preseason, Titans fans should start to be cautiously optimistic about their new rookies. While a monsoon-like storm made it harder to tell just exactly how good they were in week one, week two's dome game should have inspired hope.

Taylor Lewan OT

While Lewan wasn't quite as "clean" as he was in week one, he definitely got the job done. For the most part, Lewan looked the part of an NFL left tackle, even battling with some of the Saints better defensive linemen. Lewan stood up to a complex and aggressive Rob Ryan defense, and kept Mettenberger clean for most of the game.

I like that the Titans slid him into the right tackle spot when Oher went down, and loved his aggression when he was on the field. The Titans were at risk of missing that physical presences without David Stewart, but it looks like they don't have anything to worry about.

Bishop Sankey RB

The Titans were getting looks at more running backs this week, so Sankey didn't get a lot of carries. However, when he had the ball, it was easy to see why the Titans thought he was the best back coming out of the 2014 NFL Draft. Sankey's vision was outstanding, and the veteran move to make defenders commit to the inside run before bouncing it out, is what talented backs need to know how to do.

Sankey isn't as fast as Chris Johnson was in his prime, but he seems to have better vision and much more drive than the recent incarnations of Johnson had.

Daquan Jones DT

Jones played more positions than he did last week, playing a little bit farther outside. Jones is a pocket pusher whose strength continues to baffle opposing offensive linemen. With the Titans issues stopping the run with their first team defensive line, I think it is possible that Jones plays a significant amount of snaps by the time the season is finished.

Zach Mettenberger QB

Really had a good day despite the turnovers. Going 20/25, for 269 yards, 2 TDs, and 1 INT is not a bad day. Sure he was competing against second and third string players, but he was playing with second and third string players. It isn't like Mettenberger went on the field with Wright, Washington, Hunter, and Walker and put these numbers up. The majority of these receptions came from guys like Chase Coffman, Taylor Thompson, Derek Hagan, Michael Preston, and Brian Robiskie.

Mettenberger looks very good, and he has the prototypical arm strength and build that Whisenhunt looks for in a QB. I think he has looked much better than any Titans backup has in years.

Gabe Ikard C

Ikard didn't have a spectacular day, but he did have a good day. He needs to work on his anchor in pass rushing situations, but overall he held his own. With Spencer down for a little while, I wouldn't be shocked to see Ikard make this team.