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Stock up, Stock Down: Titans bubble players

Which players helped their chances to make the roster, and which hurt players their chances.

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans are getting closer and closer to making some tough decisions about who to cut. With that said, some players are making it obvious who should stay and who should go, especially after the Titans first real preseason game on Friday against the New Orleans Saints.

Stock up: Chase Coffman TE

Coffman looks like he could be Jack Doyle 2.0. Not only is he a vertical presence for the Titans from the tight end position, but he is also making some pretty great catches. His concentration and physical ability make the 6'6" player look like another receiver rather than just a fourth-string tight end.

With the way the Titans receivers are shaping up, they may shift to a more TE-driven offense that uses players like Taylor Thompson and Chase Coffman as inside receivers. His rising should be bad news for Derek Hagan and Brian Robiskie, who both have had an up and down preseason.

Stock down: Antonio Andrews RB

Antonio Andrews is someone that all Titans fans should be cheering for. Not only is he a local product, but he is someone who says he grew up as a Titans fan, and he may be the first player to actually say that honestly. However, a statline of three rushes for -1 yard is not a great day for him, and it will not help his chances to make the roster.

With Shonn Greene, Bishop Sankey, Dexter McCluster, Jackie Battle, and (apparently) Leon Washington all seemingly ahead of Andrews, it is hard to imagine him on the active roster this year.

Stock up: Travis Coons K

To me, Coons looks like the should-be starter for the Tennessee Titans. Maikon Bonani has the power that everyone wants from a kicker, but he just doesn't quite have the accuracy that an NFL kicker needs in my opinion.

Coons may only get it three yards deep in the endzone, but kickers don't have to knock it out of the back of the endzone to play in the NFL, what they need to do is make field goals. If you have a kicker that can make 90% of their field goals, you need to hold on to them.