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Titans vs. Saints Preseason Preview

The Titans head to New Orleans tonight to take on the Saints in their second preseason game. What should we expect?

Joe Robbins

It would be good for them to get to go against Drew Brees, but even without Brees, the Saints still have a lot of talent on offense.  This will be a good test for Ray Horton's unit.  It will start with tackling.  The tackling last week was nothing short of horrific.  You can bet that was an emphasis in practice this week.  It will be interesting to see if it pays off.

The weather won't be a factor, you know with the game being inside and all, so we should get to see a little bit from this offense tonight.  That obviously starts with Jake Locker.  He has now been in this system for a while.  How much has he learned?  Will his game look different than it did early last season?  We should get some of those answers tonight.

I want to see a big play from Justin Hunter tonight.  Outside of Locker he has been the most talked about guy this offseason in training camp.  He has shown flashes of being the star the Titans thought he could be when they traded up to draft him last year.  Now he just needs to do it consistently on the field.  Making a big play tonight won't really prove anything because it is the preseason, but it would be a nice start.

A few roster battles to keep an eye on:

Marc Mariani and Michael Preston might not both be able to make the roster. Which one of them will step up and make some plays to lock up his spot?

With Colin McCarthy out for the season, that makes the inside linebacker position a little less crowded. McCarthy probably had an uphill battle to make the roster anyway, but things just got a little easier for Moises Fokou and/or Zaviar Gooden.

Then there is the kicking battle between Maikon Bonani, Travis Coons, and a player to be named later. Right now my money might be on PTBNL.