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Between The Posts: Evaluations

Your nightly OT open thread.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

With the Titans second pre-season game on the horizon, we'll be looking at the starters playing (likely) the majority of the first quarter, which should give us a better idea of where the team stands at this juncture.

While the defense won't be tested against the like of Drew Brees, they will need to have a better showing, which I think they're due for after an improved week of practice and likely a little more of Horton's alternate fronts worked into the gameplan as well.

On offense, the solidified starters will be looking to cement their roles and get more comfortable in the new scheme. Behind them, there are roster spots to be decided. Wide receivers like Derek Hagan, who has had an impressive camp, will be duking out the final spots with MCM fan favorites Michael Preston and Marc Mariani.

We'll dive into more of these position battles as the time of the first roster cutdown nears, and after we've seen the Titans take a few more snaps, this time in more normal conditions.