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Between The Posts: Where Are You Looking?

Your nightly OT open thread.

Joe Robbins

Jimmy and I touched on it the other night on MCM Radio, but we mentioned how most eyes will be on the Titans starting offense when they take on the Saints on Friday. There are a few areas in particular that I'll be focusing in on, beyond the excitement of the wide receivers and running backs.

The offensive line is first on my list. They had a sloppy start last time around against Green Bay, but the Titans backs were able to work with what they had. Not to say their first game was bad, but it certainly wasn't the standard we should be expecting from such a talented group.

Jake Locker will command most of the attention and conversation once the game's over, and rightly so. He has questions to answer, and Titans fans are excited to see him operate in this new offensive scheme.

The defensive line and linebackers in particular will be of interest as well. They got off on a similarly shaky foot in the last game, and will be looking to make a bigger impression in the Super Dome.

Who's got your attention Friday?