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Titans Preseason Takeaway Overreaction Thread: Zach Mettenberger Should Start!!

Frederick Breedon

We all know the final score of a preseason game doesn't really matter.  I am glad that the Titans will not have a winless preseason, but at the end of the game it is more about individual performances than the final score.  With that being said, it is important to take some of the things that you see with a grain of salt.

Here are a few overreactions from Saturday's game:

Did you see those throws by Zach Mettenberger?!??!?  He should start over Jake Locker, fo sho!

Look, I was impressed with what Mettenberger did in this game outside of the fumble.  He looked in control of the offense, moved around well, and has a cannon for an arm.   However, he was playing against guys that will not be in the NFL when week 1 comes around.  He still has a lot to learn.  Let's see what he does against better competition.

The first team defense was garbage.  Bring back Jerry Gray!

OK- there really isn't anyone saying the last part of that one, but I have seen and heard a lot of concerns about the defense.  I get it.  They didn't tackle, even a little bit, in the game Saturday night.  You have to keep in mind though that those were really tough conditions.  That doesn't excuse all of the issues, but that does have to be taken into consideration.

The kicking game is a disaster.  They need to bring back Bironas.

I find myself drifting closer to this one than I should.  The weather was horrific making it tough to kick.  Also, Bironas was shaky the last couple of preseasons.  So this is one to keep an eye on, but it is not at Threat Level Midnight just yet.

Bishop Sankey is DA TRUTH.  He is going to make Titans fans forget all about CJ2.0YPC.

Tricked ya!  This one is not an overreaction.  This is an absolute truth.