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Tennessee Titans rookies make debut

How did some of the top rookies do for the Titans?

Frederick Breedon

In their Titans debut, the rookies did not disappoint. Now, everyone didn't have a massive game, but there weren't a lot of plays where the rookies didn't preform above a rookie level in my opinion. Here are how I would rank the top five rookies from yesterday's game.

1. Bishop Sankey RB

Hard to take anything away from Sankey who proved that he was more than just a shifty, speed-back on Saturday. Sankey ground out the tough yards in the middle of the field, while also displaying burst, nice hands, and good feet (according to Eddie George).

This guy looks different than the rest of the running backs for the Titans, and fans should be excited to see what he can do next.

2. Taylor Lewan LT

Lewan probably played the best game out of any of the rookies, but Sankey's spectacular catch from Whitehurst and a touchdown put him over the top. Lewan had a clean sheet (No sacks, hits,or hurries allowed), which is much better than anyone could hope for from a rookie LT.

Lewan looked like he could play with the starters now, but I like that the Titans are letting him develop while they figure out what to do with him. It would surprise me if he wasn't at least considered as a first team swing tackle in upcoming weeks.

3. Zach Mettenberger QB

Between a strip sack, and an interception that wasn't even close to being his fault, Mettenberger could have easily gotten down on himself and lost confidence. However, the former LSU Tiger did anything but give up. Not only did he bounce back, but he came out slinging the ball, moving down the field with ease against the Packers backups.

It can be discussed all day about if that means anything against the third team defense, but the fact is that he was putting the ball exactly where it needed to be. If that was a real game, the only way those balls would have been incomplete is if the receivers dropped them.

Titans fans should be rooting for Mettenberger to get some second team reps next week, just for the chance to see Mettenberger throw a deep ball to Justin Hunter.

4. Daquan Jones NT

Jones was a force in the running game, and caused the Packers to double team him on a consistent basis. It would be nice to see Jones more with the first team players, but he will have a tough time beating out Sammie Hill.

5. Gabe Ikard C

Ikard came in much earlier than he thought he would and played a ton of snaps. However, instead of being overwhelmed he looked like he could very easily be this team's long term answer at backup C/G. With Spencer out Ikard looks to get much more involved in the future.