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Between The Posts: Question Of The Day

Your daily OT open thread.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans wrapped up another great day of Practice today, in full pads no less. Derrick Morgan and Justin Hunter had big big days, and Coty Sensabaugh impressed as well from the corner spot, nabbing an interception on an under-thrown Locker pass.

Jake Locker and Kendall Wright continue to build chemistry, which will likely be a huge factor this season.

Tommie Campbell had yet another torrid day out there, and some of the writers present did take notice. He was beaten by Michael Preston today more than once. I don't see him surviving the first wave of cuts.

The kickers Travis Coons and Maikon Bonani went at it today, with Coons winning 3-3 to 2-3. With more than a few positions in a state of flux, it got me thinking about which area I'm most worried about heading into the season.

What is the are of the team you are most concerned about?