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Tennessee Titans News Links: Slow Mo

Your daily linkage!

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Maikon Bonani says that a new slo mo camera will help him develop into a better kicker. Pretty interesting since the kicker is one of the least thought of, in terms of technical aspect.

Courtesy of PK, here's the 6th day of camp training camp report. Good stuff.

Less freelancing, less weight is the mindset of Kendall Wright, Titans receiver. And all of that is a good thing

Titans' training camp notebook has some quick hits in it. Hence the title.

The moment you have all been waiting for, Ken Whisenhunt's 6th day of training camp report. You are welcome.

Taylor Lewan, the Titan's first round pick, is transitioning as well as can be hoped to the NFL. Hopefully he is the right tackle this year and does not sit out. If he does, well I guess it is what it is.

Quote of the Day: "Too clever is dumb." - Ogden Nash