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Between The Posts: Squandered Talent

Your nightly OT open thread

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Another day down, another 24 hours closer to football. Hang with us Titan fans, we're getting there, one step at a time.

Apparently some Cleveland Browns want "nothing to do" with teammate and troubled WR, Josh Gordon. It would be a shame to see such talent wasted, and yet, it happens all the time unfortunately. The Titans saw it (sort of) with Kenny Britt, and a slew of others before him who squandered their talent and opportunities. Pacman Jones anyone? It's never enjoyable to see that kind of thing happen...

As I pen this, the Netherlands and Argentina are tied slogging away in extra time to decide who will advance to face Germany in the World Cup final. It's been a rough and tumble game thus far. I think either team will have their hands full against the Germans personally.

That's all for tonight MCMers. I will leave the thread open as usual for any off-topic discussions or debates.