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Tennessee Titans News Links: The Homerun Throwback

Your daily serving of Titans' linkage!

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Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

In the series of best Titans/Oilers plays, Paul Kuharsky takes a look at the Music City Miracle, one of the best plays of all time and the namesake of this blog.

Titans All Access takes us into an interview with Shaun Phillips, new linebacker and bowling expert.

Speaking of linebackers, the starting spots are wide open.

As we have heard all summer long, expectations are high for Titans Wide Receiver Justin Hunter.

Titans season ticket renewal is at 98 percent this year, which is really good. If you had any questions, we aren't being relocated anywhere.

Frank Wycheck says that the concussion settlement is nothing to write home about and it doesn't help him, who is suffering, out at all.

Pro Football Talk ranks the Titans as 30th in the NFL. Good for them, guess we will have to prove them and the other hatters wrong.

Bob Bostad should be a huge upgrade on Bruce Matthews as offensive line coach, and he's already putting his stamp on the line.

Quote of the Day: "Sunlight is painting." -Nathaniel Hawthorne