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2014 Titans Outlook: Kendall Wright

How does the emerging wideout figure to improve in 2014?

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Some may say the Titans lack star power heading into the 2014 season. Last time I checked, star power doesn't win games in the NFL. In Kendall Wright, the Titans have a bona-fide star, one of the league's most dangerous (and under appreciated weapons).

While things may seem unsettled at Quarterback from the outside looking in, the Titans team is fully behind Jake Locker, and he and Wright had built a promising rapport last season. Wright was one of only nine wide receivers in the NFL to catch 90 or more passes last season, and only three others can say they caught as many passes in the seasons' final eight weeks. Somehow though, Wright's 158 catches over the past two seasons have gone largely unnoticed league-wide. For Ken Whisenhunt's new Titans offensive scheme, Wright provides the perfect fit; a guy who can get separation on anyone underneath, who can threaten deep when he is asked, and can be a safety net for the quarterback, especially on quick rhythm passes.

"He's a guy that can do it all...The slot guy is known as the chain mover, he's the quarterback's safety net. Whenever a quarterback gets in trouble, he always knows where the 'F' is if something breaks down. He’s (Wright has) established himself as that guy...A lot is still untapped. We saw him do a lot of stuff at Baylor and the good things about this offense is we're forever growing, coach Whiz and (Jason Michael) are going to put guys in positions where they can win. If it's outside, he's going outside, if it's inside, he's going inside."

Titans Wide Receivers Coach, Shawn Jefferson, on Kendall Wright (Per Paul Kuharsky, ESPN)

Wright was employed in the slot 59% in 2013, and while many have bemoaned his lack of utility on the deeper routes, he racked up almost 1,100 yards through the air that season. His lackluster 10.8 YPC is almost certain to increase with more innovative ways of attacking defenses in 2014, over the old system under Munchak and Loggains. Wright figures to have a more balanced role in 2014 under the new staff, and rightly so; his speed and separation ability warrant that use. But more than that, with other weapons coming into their own in the Titans system, namely Justin Hunter and veteran Tight End Delanie Walker, defenses will have to rethink how they defend the Baylor product.

With a new scheme that takes advantage of Wright's wide skill set, and hopefully produces a more balanced rushing attack to boot, the Titans' best offensive player might be making a big splash in 2014 and beyond.