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Between The Posts: Domination

Your nightly OT open thread!

Robert Cianflone

While tries really hard to ignore the Titans at all turns, they do give Jurrell Casey on their top-10 snubs from their horribly organized "Top 100 Players" list...and then they go and ruin everything by saying he is changing positions...It was just too much to ask, wasn't it? I am sure they will forget they said anything come next year when Casey continues to dominate the trenches, from what is essentially the exact same spot as he played in 2013. Some never learn.

In world cup news, I am sure many (including myself, sorry "Chica") enjoyed watching Germany eviscerate Brazil in a 7-1 mauling. I said only yesterday that Germany were my odds on favorites to win the tournament...I think I'll stick with that prediction. It was the worst defeat ever for Brazil, and their first competitive game loss on home soil since 1975. They will remember this one for a long long time.