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2014 NFL Power Rankings: PFT ranks the Titans 30th


Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

I feel like I am a realist when it comes to the Titans.  You won't catch me talking about them being among the best teams in the league right now.  That would be ridiculous with all of the unanswered questions that are surrounding this team.

However, it is equally as ridiculous to rank the Titans 30th (as PFT did in their preseason power rankings).  This team was much better than 30th last year with a coaching staff that was outmatched on pretty much a weekly basis.  Say what you want about Ken Whisenhunt, but he as proven a whole lot more in his NFL coaching career than Mike Munchak.

You also have a defensive coordinator that is among the best in the league.  To say Ray Horton is an upgrade over Jerry Gray would be one of the biggest understatements in the history of the world (not an exaggeration).

I cannot wait until this team is better than everyone thinks they will be.  It is going to be fun to watch people like Evan Silva and the writers at PFT eat their own words.