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Between The Posts: Troubles

Your nightly OT open thread.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL isn't abuzz with much this time of year, but right now it's all about Cleveland Browns WR Josh Gordon and his apparent inability to stay trouble-free. After being arrested recently on suspicion of DUI, the embattled Browns wideout has been the subject of much debate, with the recent issues only piling on to his earlier penalties from the league to substance problems. Former teammate D'Qwell Jackson said recently that Gordon "Needs help", and HOF Wide Receiver Cris Carter, a man familiar with Gordon's situation, has said that to help him, the Browns need to cut ties as a wake-up call. What say you?

Other than that, we are closing in on the end of the World Cup. Only Brazil, Germany, Argentina, and the Netherlands remain. Who do you guys have winning it all? I'm staying with Germany right now; they were my pick months ago and I'll stick with my guns.