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Zach Mettenberger wants to be the Titans starting QB

What else would you have him say?

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Frederick Breedon

What passes for news this time of year is funny. Zach Mettenberger was on SiriusXM Radio last week and said exactly what you would want someone competing for a job to say:

If I was drafted and [SiriusXM NFL Radio host Mark Brunell] is the vet, I'm coming for his job from Day 1," Mettenberger said. "That's my attitude. If I don't win the job, I'm pushing, in this scenario, pushing Mark to be the best guy for the job. I'm going to make Jake work that much harder, make Charlie [Whitehurst] work that much harder, cause I'm coming everyday. And I'm bringing my best effort and my hardest work to the facility everyday to show that I shot be the guy playing.

(quote courtesy Jim Wyatt's article)

My thoughts: What else would you have him say? You wouldn't want a guy on the team to say that he is content riding the bench and holding a clipboard. Your hopes wouldn't be very high for that guy, would they?

I hope that Mettenberger does push Jake Locker for the starting job. I hope the competition is too close to call in camp because they are both playing really well.

That would be a good problem for the Titans to have, and it would also allow them to get Charlie Whitehurst off this roster. Why did they sign him again?