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Chris Johnson endorses Johnny Manziel's lifestyle, sort of.

The former Titans running back provides his take on Manziel.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

In a recent interview with NFL blogger Dave Dameshek (or analyst, sorry this info comes from a, but on a page labeled Dave Dameshek Blog, weird) Chris Johnson was interviewed and asked a few interesting questions.

First of all, he was asked who would win between he and Michael Vick in a footrace, and Chris Johnson did not disappoint. Instead of reciting the rhetoric that most NFL players do, he responded as Chris Johnson would. He said, "Of course forty [hasn't been] broken yet that's the evidence right there."

He also didn't disappoint when asked about the hottest topic in the NFL: Johnny Football himself. When asked about how Manziel has been acting lately, Johnson said, "Be your own man, do what you gotta do. It's the your life." Johnson's point was that if you want to have fun in the offseason, you can do it, but that is the only chance you get all year. Once the season rolls around you have to focus on your job.

Give credit where it is due, the former Titan didn't shy away from the question and he didn't spout nonsense that obviously wasn't his own opinion. Johnson was always a player to do some interesting things in the offseason, but when the season came around he was dialed in. He played hurt, and despite playing timidly late in his career, he always seemed to have a desire to be on the field.

I won't miss Chris Johnson's hold outs or his (at times) lack of enthusiasm in the game, but I don't think he is a bad guy. People could blow this out of proportion saying that Johnson is telling Manziel to do whatever he wants, but if you listen to the full clip that isn't correct.