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The worst Tennessee Titans contract

Which contract looks like bad for the Titans?

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The fine people at Over the Cap are putting together a list of the players on each team that have the best at worst contracts respectively. Before they had a chance to do the Titans, these are my suggestions for the players they should choose between for the WORST contract category.

Sammie Lee Hill: 2014 cap number $4 million

Hill isn't a bad player, I'm just not sure he is a fit for the 2014 Tennessee Titans coaching staff. He is a massive DT whose best asset was his quick feet and his ability to penetrate, however the Titans may already have too many of those players. If he was a true gap-plugging NT or a 5-tech he might be worth the money, but he is currently the highest paid Titans all-time DL, and I think that number is just too high.

Shonn Greene: 2014 cap number $3.2 million

So, I was one of the few that thought Greene would be a good piece to bring in last year. He was a great 3rd down converter that kept the chains moving and he would be an excellent counter to Chris least that is what I thought. Between injuries, Jackie Battle getting some carries, and Chris Johnson getting way too many snaps, Greene was very underwhelming last year. If that wasn't enough, his injuries have excluded him from offseason activities so far, and there is a strong chance we could see the Titans bring in a new running back if he isn't recovering soon.