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The best Tennessee Titans contract

Which contract looks like a steal for the Titans?

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The fine people at Over the Cap are putting together a list of the players on each team that have the best at worst contracts respectively. Before they had a chance to do the Titans, these are my suggestions for the players they should choose between for the BEST contract catagory. Now, note that a players still on their rookie contracts will be excluded by me because obviously Jurrell Casey and Kendall Wright are steals that should be making much higher than they are.

Delanie Walker: 2014 cap number $4 million

Delanie Walker said that he was ready to have a breakout year away from Vernon Davis last year, and I would say he did just that. Walker's 60 receptions, 571 yards, and six touchdowns don't tell the full story of a player that made some very impressive catches last year when the Titans needed them badly. It seemed like Walker was a tone setter that always seemed to provide rhythm in the passing game. Also, he is one of the most balanced tight ends in the league in terms of being able to play all over the field. I would have no problem with Walker playing as an inline tight end, a flex tight end, or as a fullback.

Bernard Pollard: 2014 cap number $2.6 million

This is a great signing for a lot of reasons. First of all, Pollard is a great leader in the locker room and on the practice field. By all accounts, Pollard pushed players and made them work harder, from other defenders to Justin Hunter. However, the best thing that Pollard does in my opinion, is he makes Michael Griffin much better. I'm not sure whether he is coaching Griffin on the field, or if it just the fact that Griffin feels like he has someone he can rely on, but there is a vast difference with Pollard on the team. This year, he should be able to make more plays at the line of scrimmage with one of the best defensive coordinators in the league giving him opportunities.