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Should Tennessee Titans QB Jake Locker change his game?

What should Locker do in his contract year?

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Jake Locker is currently the starting quarterback for the Tennessee Titans, and unless he is injured or there is just a massive performance difference between he and his backups, he will stay the starting quarterback. However, Locker is entering a contract year, and he really needs to have a great season if he is going to convince a team (even the Titans) that he can be a starting-caliber quarterback.

Last year, Locker showed flashes as a player who could make plays outside of the pocket and actually lead an offense. However, multiple injuries shelved him at the midway point, and his injury questions are a concern.

Enter Ken Whisenhunt. Whisenhunt has hinted that he will not modify his offense to Jake Locker's strength, and honestly why would he? There are a lot of things that would have to go right for Locker to be back in Tennessee in 2015, and Whisenhunt has been one of the most successful playcallers in the league. It doesn't make sense to contour his offense to Locker, knowing that he is one awkward hit away from playing somewhere else next year.

Conversely, Jake Locker is also in a tough situation. Last year he was given more control over the offense, and could run if he felt like it was necessary. Both of his injuries came from plays where he wasn't scrambling, so the argument that his role as a mobile quarterback caused his injuries is wrong. Also, his worst season was his rookie season, where he was asked to think too much which caused a paralysis. Can Locker really change his game to fit the new offense?

I think that Locker will be able to make the leap, and I have a certain amount of faith in him when he is on the field. His decision making has vastly improved and he has better weapons now than he ever has. He should be able to rely on dinking and dunking the ball by using Kendall Wright and Delanie Walker, while also being able to call up deep shots to players like Justin Hunter and Nate Washington. That, plus a new emphasis on the running game and an improved offensive line should ease his transition.