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MCM Create A Caption

Your week-end caption contest continues!

Wesley Hitt

It's Saturday, and thus time for our off-season weekend Create A Caption contest. Today's image comes courtesy of Bernard Pollard, Tennessee's secondary enforcer, in a scuff-up with 49ers lineman Joe Staley during their game last season. As a Titans fan you have to love his intensity and fire, but it can get him in trouble at times too. This particular image of the event is full of caption-able elements, so I'm sure you guys and gals will have little trouble coming up with some winning lines this week.

Last week, "LurkerTeach" won by a relative landslide with his clever one-liner, with a total of 19+ recs to his credit. Can anyone top that this week?

Remember to keep your captions on topic and appropriate. GIF's and pictures are welcome aditions, as always. The winner of this week will be announced next time around as per usual. Let's get on to the captions!