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Between The Posts: Question Of The Day

Your nightly OT open thread.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

First off, how are you guys liking the current BTP format? I thought it was time for a shakeup and wanted to get more Titans oriented for the off-topic thread. It's been a long off-season, and trying to find newsworthy pieces has been a challenge, but now we're (thankfully) back to football.

The past few days we've talked about position battles. Today I'll ask a question on expectations. Let's get hypothetical. Should Locker play a full 16 games in 2014, do you think he A) Puts up impressive numbers and/or B) Gets the Titans into the post-season?

I would say Locker's performance has been streaky at best, with some poor games after he's come back from injury (too soon some might say, myself included). But at his best, think San Diego and New York last season, he's shown that he's capable of airing it out and winning the game with his arm and his legs.

What say you?