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What is Kendall Wright Fantasy Football Value this Year?

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Jason O. Watson

The Titans have never been a team that had a lot of meat on the fantasy football bone.  There have been years where guys like Steve McNair, Eddie George, and Chris Johnson were taken pretty high in drafts, but most years you won't see more than one or two Titans being taken before you get to kickers and defenses.

That might change in the next couple of years with the group of skill players they have.  Delanie Walker came on as a sleeper at the tight end position last year.  Justin Hunter has the ability to put up some huge numbers, but he has to show it before people will really start paying attention.  Bishop Sankey will probably be drafted reasonably high in most drafts because the running back position is thin, and someone has to carry the ball for the Titans.

That brings us to Kendall Wright.  He put up really good numbers for you last year if you were in a PPR (points per reception) league, but he only scored 2 touchdowns.  That didn't make him very valuable in leagues that were not PPR, and it will scare people who aren't very familiar with this team away from him this year.

My advice to you would be to draft him reasonably high.  Had he scored 8 touchdowns instead of just 2 last year, he would have been the 16th best receiver in standard non-PPR leagues.  That would have put him right ahead of Larry Fitzgerald.

Wright is going to get more shots down the field in this offense, so 8 touchdowns is perfectly reasonable for him.  He could legitimately be a top-10 fantasy football receiver this year.

What say you?  Am I being unreasonable here, or do you agree with me that Wright has a chance to make a huge jump this year?

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