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Between The Posts: Punishments

Your nightly OT open thread!

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Another day down, and a long weekend ahead for most of you. Let's look at a couple of snippets from around the league today.

Miami Dolphins sophomore linebacker Dion Jordan will miss the first four games of the 2014 season due to PED violations, and Colts wideout LaVon Brazill will also miss entire year, as punishment for substance abuse. The lack of intelligence of some NFL-level athletes stuns me to this day.

Germany has apparently had some rotten luck. Multiple members of their squad are showing signs of a flu-like illness ahead of their big game against the French. I think they will clean up anyway, but that's a different matter.

That's all for this evening MCMers, I will leave the thread open as always for OT discussion and/or debate. Feel free to add your two cents on the day's happenings. Have an amazing holiday my United States based friends. To the rest of you, enjoy working tomorrow.