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Between The Posts: Question of the Day

It's time for an MCM poll.

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

With the current trends in the NFL, there has been a consistent movement away from using Fullbacks. We are seeing more and more teams not carrying FB's on their rosters, with spots so coveted and injuries only seeming to be on the rise.

The Tennessee Titans have got a great one on their roster at the moment in Collin Mooney, who ranked in the top tier of FB's in the league last season, despite not getting a ton of use. Ken Whisenhunt carried Fullbacks on the roster in all his seasons in Arizona, for what it's worth. In camp, the Titans have been using Jackie Battle at the FB spot, apparently in an effort to save on the roster spot by using a RB who can play there in a pinch.

For me, I'm all in on quality lead blockers out of the backfield like Mooney is. While not the sexiest of positions, there is a big advantage having a guy of his caliber leading the backs to daylight.

What say you? Fullback or no?