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Day 2 Titans Training Camp notes and highlights

What to know about today's training camp practice.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans took to the practice field for the second real training camp practice of the year. These are the notes and highlights from the practice.

-Blidi Wreh-Wilson took the snaps at first team outside CB today, replacing yesterday's starter Coty Sensabaugh. Now there is nothing to read into on this, just like last year the Titans are trying to find the best fit for that second CB spot. When one of these players starts two days in a row, then it will be time to really take note.

-For what it is worth, I think the Titans starting lineup will have Blidi Wreh-Wilson and Jason McCourty as the outside CBs and Coty Sensabaugh in the slot, where he excels. I don't think this is because Wreh-Wilson is great, but I think Sensabaugh is so good inside that this is the best option for Tennessee.

-Taylor Lewan took snaps at LG again today in Andy Levitre's absence.

-Kendall Wright has improved his quickness and his speed in an out of breaks showed up against the Titans top CB, Jason McCourty.

-This is one of the best tweets I have seen about Jake Locker yet:

Locker is healing up well from his injury and he sounds like he is 100%. This info and news of him rolling out of the pocket and moving around show that Whisenhunt is confident that he is healthy enough to practice at full speed. Don't forget, this is the guy who had a 10:0 touchdown to turnover ratio when he was healthy last year.

-Mike Martin had an impressive day, consistently getting into the backfield. It is easy to do that when no one has pads on, but either way he stood out over the rest or the DL.

-Justin Hunter has been impressive early in camp as well with one exception, his footing. Apparently he had issues with that today whether it was an issue with his cleats or if he just hasn't found his rhythm yet isn't certain but it looks like the only person that can stop Hunter is himself.

-The Titans safety position sounds very deep. Damian Stafford had a great day today, Pollard had a great day yesterday, George Wilson is making plays, and Michael Griffin does well when those around him do well.

-Speaking of safeties, Bernard Pollard continued to show that he loves antagonizing the offensive players. When Zach Mettenberger entered the huddle, Pollard repeatedly screamed "Roll Tide, Roll Tide" at him.

-A battle of some very talented/explosive players is taking place for the Titans return job. Leon Washington, Dexter McCluster, Bishop Sankey, and Marc Mariani have all been in the mix. I doubt it falls to Sankey, but with him joining a rotating backfield with McCluster, he may be a candidate.

-Finally, it isn't exceptionally interesting but Jackie Battle not any other player (Collin Mooney, Taylor Thompson, Craig Stevens, etc.) has been the starting FB two days in a row. This is likely so that when the Titans go hurry-up they can send Sankey/McCluster out to the receiver spot and have a serviceable runner in the backfield to keep the front honest.